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This Christmas, Theatre Arts Academy is proud to present 'Peter Pan' on Saturday 10th December - 3pm and 6pm, and  Sunday 11th December  -  3pm and 6pm

No upcoming events at the moment

Peter Pan and Great Ormond Street Hospital

After graduating from Edinburgh University, author of Peter Pan, James Matthew Barrie moved to London to seek his fortune in the world of literature and theatre. His first lodgings were in Grenville Street, behind Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). It was this house that became the inspiration for the Darlings’ family home. In 1929, with the popularity Barrie's 'Peter Pan' owas firmly established and Barrie gifted his copyright of Peter Pan to GOSH. Thus, for over 80 years, the story of Peter Pan has enchanted children and adults alike, and continues to benefit the seriously ill children who come to GOSH for life-saving treatment every day. 


Every day brings new challenges at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). Every day, about 600 children and young people from across the UK arrive for life-changing treatments. This extraordinary hospital has always depended on charitable support, and every day is a chance for you to make a difference. Please support Great Ormond Street this Christmas by adding a donation when purchasing your tickets for Theatre Arts Academy's production of Peter Pan.


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