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Karen Binks

Director / Script editor & lyricst

Training: Classical Ballet (Royal Academy of Dance), Musical Theatre at The Italia Conti, Barbican, London.

Directorial Credits include: A Midsummer Night's Dream (Al Fresco Theatre 2020), Cheers For Maisy (Venue 40 Edinburgh Fringe 2018), Chekhov With Cherries (Venue 40 Edinburgh Fringe 2015), Broken (Spotlights, Edinburgh Fringe 2012), Milenka (Mercury Theatre Colchester) Macbeth (NMMS) Camille and The Sunflowers (TIE), Pantomimes - Various 2012 -2019 (Lakeside Theatre, Colchester)


Writing Credits Include: Karen has written a number of plays using a pseudonym. Including: Never Kick A Pup; Written in reverse chronological order over 15years, examining the parent-child dynamic. Backpacks and Vodka;  A one act musical comedy about a Duke of Edinburgh expedition. Chips; A dark comedy about an over-entitled old has-been and a lost and damaged teenager.


Performance Credits Include: Fanny - Sweet Fanny Adams (Mercury Theatre Colchester)

Karen is also Artistic Director of Theatre Arts Academy, a thriving part-time theatre school in Colchester.

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